2001 cr 250 noise

i bought a used cr 250, got it home and noticed a loud knocking type noise coming from around the cylinder. what could be causing this? did i get hosed?

Piston slap? cahnge the piston and rings before it gernades.

That's pretty standard. It's always a good idea to pull the cylinder and check the piston, though.

the bike in the video is an 02 or newer.it has a completely different top end.if that's the bike you bought it sounds weak. the piston sounds like its rattling and it seems to have poor compression hence the lethargic revving. all this is based on what i could hear in the video and plz note i'm listening on a laptop so i might net be hearing as well as i could in person.

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that was somebody elses cr i found on youtube that sounded like what mine's doing. i'll capture a video of my bike making the noise tomorrow. thanks for your help

Sounds like a CR250 to me, what is the problem? Seriously, you just bought a motocross 2-stroke. They're high maintenance bikes. If you're ever concerend about anything inside of the engine, simply pull the cylinder. This will allow you to inspect both the piston and the conneting rod bearings. If you're smart about it, you can do this without pulling the head which means you only have to buy the base gasket. Pulling the flywheel cover will let you check the crankshaft main bearings (the left side is usually the first to fail). So you bought a used bike, the pistons have very short lives in these things. It's never a bad idea to replace it... before it fails. If you really ride the bike, you'll be replacing the piston often.

In fact, you can get a pretty good idea of the condition of the piston by pulling the pipe and reed block to view both the exhast and intake sides of the piston skirt. You don't even have to pull the cylinder.

i have a 2000 model (same thing) mine sounds the exact same way....seems to be a common cr 250 noise? i put a new piston and rings in mine and it still does it..must be a normal cr noise. im new to hondas so this also scared the crap out of me. that bike in the video sounds like mine also, other than the bogging and puking lol. My cousin has a brand new left over 07 cr 250 and believe it or not his sounds exactly the same to. I can even remember my buddys 96 cr 250 sounding like that years ago..

I bet it has a Wiseco piston in it. Normal sound. You get used to it.

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