mystery shim?

nOOb question here:

I've been searching the parts diagrams online ( but I can't find the right picture. So, I will describe as best I can.


I found this broken shim stuck to the magneto when I took my new to me SM apart to do the Stator and Starter clutch LocTite fix, listed in the FAQ area. I looked/felt all over with a powerful flashlight and could not find the missing part. It wasn't in the oil filter or magnetic drain plug. Its possible it left with an earlier oil change, I suppose.


The shim is the same diameter as the shaft above the big ring gear behind the magneto. (sorry I don't know the proper terminology)

I fixed the doohickey on a KLR once, my only other experience cracking the side covers like this. :excuseme:

Any idea where it belongs or if its nothing to worry about?

there are 2 shims on that idelr gear shaft.1 on each side of the clip.

the parts diagram shows the positions wrong.if you install one on the out side of the gear that is what happens to them.

Eddie, Do you have any pics of this part? Thanks.

reposted with better pic below

starter clutch.jpg

Edited by E.Marquez
linked to wrong pic...

Thank you for the assistance Eddie, Bronco78.... :excuseme:


If I understand you correctly, my new replacement washer needs to ride between 3 and 1. To keep the gears away from that circlip.

yep,thats it.

now I am wondering if I put mine back together properly, can this be seen if I pull the small round cover? Thanks.

yes .. you need to remove the starter clutch

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