2000 YZ125, Project phoneix-back from the dead

It looks like this winter I might finally be able to get my old 125 running strong again. This was my first good bike and thoroughly enjoyed it until that fateful day...I was at Ocotillo Wells in So Cal for a friends birthday when it happened. There is a hill called Blow Sand Hill DSC06061.jpg

(not my pic)

Well, I went up it fine once, I may have even done it twice. The group I was with took about a 5-10 minute break and right before we left to go to another area I decided to take the hill one more time...First, second, third, fourth..WAAAAA, losing RPM's, third...WAAAA....dead. Like it ran out of gas...I knew better than that and sure enough, the kick starter was locked solid. There was a hole the size of a dime in the piston and no electrode left on the spark plug. I knew it was a gamble running a 125 on the dunes and I lost.

Shortly there after I moved out of state and the bike sat like that at my parents until earlier this year when my wife (then girlfriend) brought it back to me when she moved up here. Best thing about it was in only cost me $70. When my wife accepted her job the company paid for her moving expenses. So I had my mom drop of the bike..."her bike" at my wifes house and it came up with her for a $70 oversized charge.

With the help of some friends and Ebay I got her running earlier this summer but ran into some trouble. While breaking in the new top end and main bearings the kickstart gear assembly let go for good. (it was partially broke for years) I found a bottom end locally for $40 and took the gear out of there. Then I had a small coolant leak coming out of the head. I took of the head, reinstalled everything and it seemed to hold. Great! Then I started to complete the break in, as I was driving it around the yard I tried to shift into second gear like I had a few times since the rebuild except this time it wouldn't engage, go, whatever you want to call it. Every time you let out the clutch the bike would lurch and try to die. Pull in the clutch and everything is fine. Every other gear works fine, only 2nd doesn't work. I drained the tranny oil and it looked like silver metallic paint. I changed the oil took it for a 30 second spin and drain the oil again with it looking the same as the first one. The new topend has maybe 10-15 minutes on it. After that I didn't have the time or money to work on it as I was about to get married in the next few months.

This winter, funds permitting I'm going to rebuild the bottom end, replace 2nd gear, rebuild the suspension, and finally give it a cosmetic facelift. I'm not new to working on bikes but I'm sure I'll still have plenty of questions. I'll keep updating the thread as I go along. Here are a few "before" pics:





congrats on the new wife and hopefully getting the bike running:thumbsup:


if you have the money i would powdercoat the frame..i did on my steely and im very happy with it

thought maybe id give ya a few ideas for your project:

powdering the frame is def the best move to make! i cant believe how well its holding up!

i just finished a complete rebuild on a 2000 yz125 that i bought from a buddy for $500 and it was a blast to work on, when i got it the top end was rediculously wrecked/ seized... and the crank was locked up! i replaced pretty much every moving part in the motor and had some suspension upgrades done and now it is one of the best bikes i have ever ridden and probably the best looking in the garage at the moment!

it looked pretty much the same as your before the rebuild and heres what it looks like now







total rebuild cost me less than $1000 and that was doin all the work myself! but that includes suspension and powder and graphics/plastic all the goodies! Only thing id still like to get done is get the rims powdered just cant decide on a color!

good luck with the rebuild you have an excellent bike!

Cool, Thanks for the pics

no prob... idk what color scheme your goin for but i have an idea that i think would look sick if your interested! i was thinkin about doin it with mine but ill probably think of somethin new by the time i need new graphics and there will be new graphics out! its awesome that they keep making new graphics for these older bikes! theyre starting to get harder to find for alot of em but not these yzs... they keep em commin!


I was thinking of getting the FLU graphics that someone else on here also used. When you got your frame powder coated did you have to mask off all of the bolt and bearing holes or did the shop do it for you? Also, what should I look at spending?


honestly i couldnt give you a price! my buddy does all my powder for me for free so i dont have to worry about the money aspect and he did all the work for me...

as for the graphics i was thinking the 2009 yamaha of troy graphics kit on either black or white plastics would be sick! sucks though cuz the only picture i can find of them on a bike is on a new 450 and i dont like the way they look on it! but they look completely diff on the 2 stroke!

but id decide what color scheme your going with on your bike and powder your frame and maybe your rims a secondary/trim color in your graphics kit!

i went with a black frame and im gonna polish the subframe..my fav frame color:thumbsup:


that would look sick with those graphics and white or possibly black plastics!!!

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