Kx65 & rm65?

Now does anybody know if a KX65 and a RM65 are the same bike???? I was told they are basically the same bike. The RM65 is a KX65???

yes the are.

the rm 65 is a kx 65 with yellow plastic. i just picked up an 05 tonight for my little brother as an x-mas present, and EVERYTHING is the same. all the spare parts i got with it read kx65 or rm 65 on it.

Yeah when i was younger I had a Kx65 and everything is the same, your not going to get more reliability then the other. Just Take your pick! haha.

O.k. just wanted to clear that up Thank's:thumbsup: So if you buy a Kawasaki you better like Suzuki, or vise versa:ride:

the rm 65 is a kx 65 with yellow plastic . . .
Or maybe the kx 65 is an rm 65 with green plastic . . . ?

We have a RM65 and it even say's "Kawasaki" on the steering head.

Get your parts from a Suzuki dealer they are cheaper for some reason!

Or maybe the kx 65 is an rm 65 with green plastic . . . ?

nope its a kx with yellow plastic, kawasaki made the 65 first then when they did their merger a few years ago suzuki got to have the bike

The plastics are also interchangeable with the klx 110 and drz 110

the 05 rm 65 we picked up for my younger brother says kx on the case, as well as on the steering stem

That is so true about the Suzuki prices are cheaper than the Kawasaki prices. Chain slide RM price 12 buck's KX price 24 buck's?

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