Caution...Dirt Rider Subscribers....

In today's mail I received a "free' video from Dirt Rider. It is called "pushing the Limits" and is from the Dirt Rider Collection.

Looking closer at the 7 pages of paperwork that came with the video, I realized that unless some very specific steps were followed, my dog would be enrolled the the Dirt Rider Video club. See, I always subscribe to magazines in a pets name so I can keep track of the bs.

If you dont return the card supplied with the video, you'll automatically enroll yourself in the video club and be on the hook for four videos per 13.95 each.

I hate this type of deceptive marketing. My video would not fit in the envelope so I had to break in in three pieces. Really, if I wanted another video with bad music, I would have bought one.

I doubt the Dirt Rider staff had nothing to do with this, but it makes me hesitate to keep a subscription open with them for fear it will destroy my dogs credit when he refuses to pay.

My dog hasn't received any free videos with his dirt rider subscription.

Was the video worth the cancellation trouble?

So you are saying that Dirt Rider has gone...

to the dog(s)?

Sorry, someone had to.

I nominate the OP as "Dog Owner of The Year" for his faithful efforts to watch out for man's best friend - particularly his own companion. (Hopefully he's not just using him for his good credit).

Thanks for the heads up RCannon. My wife and I have three dogs, so we'll be sure to talk with each of them (separately since this is pretty doggone serious) about the dangers of these sorts of scams. While I hope this doesn't hit our household, it will, nonetheless, serve as a learning opportunity.

Thanks RC! :excuseme:

Hmm, I subscribed in my cat's name and he didn't get a video. I think maybe his civil rights were violated. Discrimination at it's worst.:excuseme:

Now where did I put that AmericanCatLibertiesUnion number at?


My video arrived Friday Morning here in Utah. I imagine the rest will get theirs soon? I cannot see my dog as the only victim in this.

The video is ok, but not worth 13.95.

I had to take this picture of my dog. Its pretty easy to see how this stress has changed him. I'm thinking possible depression as all he wants to do is sleep.

112809 008.jpg

He's probably stressing cause you're motorcycle habit is about to trash his credit! It's one thing that you're USING his good name out there, but now he's thinking that real consequences are impending. That's just wrong man...just plain wrong. You've got some dog-kissing-up to do. I wonder if you could hire a doggy-lawyer to write a letter to go along with the multi-piece video you are returning...

I had a nice sit-down with my three hounds. I have to admit though - I downplayed the part about what could go wrong with me borrowing their good names. No sense in causing problems for myself after all! :excuseme:

True story: A family friend of ours is a retired judge. I kid you not - he claimed his dog as a dependent for years and years...until the IRS suddenly required a soc. number. Then he stopped. Nobody ever said a word.

(this thread is great!) :bonk:

I just got my dirt rider and no video. It is ileagal for them to do that. What if for some reason you dont get your video and dont even know about it you get charged for something you did not purchase, i dont think so. Call the BBB and state rep.

Shouldn't I be getting 2 videos then? One for each dog...:excuseme:

I wonder why no one else got these yet? I must have checked the sucker box when I sent mien, my dog sent it in.

I did inform Dirt Rider.

This thing reminded me of the Columbia record club we got hooked into as kids...then again, few remember records, but this club gave you 10 free albums for joining the club. Then, ever three months they would send you a new album. You had to jump through your ass to return the album or you were forced to pay 19.95 for Elton John or some such artist. That was a very poor reference to use with Mr John, but you get the idea.

for years i subscribed to transworld and the subscription expired and just never re-newed it. I picked up a dirtrider subscription somehow or another and I must say its the most ridiculous mag I've ever had. I've never seen such a small ass magazine.

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