newbie help

i just got an 89 cr500 and when ever i turn on the gas it pours out of the breather tube coming out of the bottom of the carb why is that

sounds like the floats are stuck or bad needle and seat try tapping on the bowl with a screwdriver handle this may work if not pull the carb and look inside

I just picked up the bike today and it spent 1.5 hours on its side in the back of an explorer on its way to meet me so thats a good possibility. think i willl go beat on it for a while

Wait newbie to bikes or to working on bikes? Cause newbie+cr500=disaster, but yeah sounds like your floats stuck as mentioned above, if its not stuck you need to set the float level.

no been riding senec i was y7 took a 15 year hiatus never worked on them though now i have to learn to work on bikes can do cars im sure same theory differnt possision

how do you set float level???

Check your owners manual it will have proper float heights, if you dont have one order one or possibly you can post a thread asking if anyone has a downloadable one for that year cr 500.

ok so i pulled the carb floats whers moving freely pulled needle attached to the floats it looked fine no visible wear *** is going on here what else in the carb should i be looking for? its not looking so good for the home team

Float adjustment here:

If the bike is sitting upright and fuel is overflowing there is only ONE cause and it is float related.

The float is allowing fuel to flow out of the carb.

Either the float is cracked or stuck or the float needle or seat is bad, or the float is not adjusted properly or some other float problem.

The float level specification is 16mm on the 1989 CR250.

thanks that was a lot of help i will tear back into it

I had a 89 CR250 that would drip fuel when on a side stand. The fuel petcock was bad and would let fuel continually drip by even when the fuel was set to the "off" position.

Do check the fuel petcock, if it leaks it will send fuel to the carb and overflow the float.

Set fuel petcock to "off" remove fuel line, let bike sit for a couple of hours, if fuel has dripped out that will also overflow the carb. Buy new fuel petcock and "O" ring and install if fuel drip out of petcock.

GRASS!! pulled the carb off and took a good look and started cleaning it up more and check float adjustment and found a blade of grass that was not letting the float needle seat so now i am just fighting the carb to go back on

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