1986 CR125 Restore

I am going to go look at a 1986 CR125 tomorrow for $100.

Bike is missing cylinder and piston. Otherwise the add says that the wheels, tires, frame, plastics and seat are good. I want a project this winter!

What should I look for? Is there anything that would be a deal breaker? Bad radiators? I have read about the water pump cover problem in the older CR's.

Water pump cover is an absolute deal breaker. Pull the water pump cover check for corrosion.

Most of those magnesium water pump covers have been repaired with JB Weld at some point.

With CR250's Honda still makes a water pump cover, it is now made from aluminum and fits the 1988 to 91 CR250.

I have trying to find out if the 88 forward water pump cover will fit the 1986/87 CR250.

Why not check and see if 1986 CR125 water pump covers are available from Honda? I doubt they are.

I know FOR CERTAIN that the pre 1986 CR250's owners are completely out of luck in regards to water pump covers, which makes the 1981 to 1985 CR250's non-restorable in the event of water pump cover problems if JB weld can't fix the corrosion holes.

Radiators can be repaired by Mylers radiators www.motorcycleradiators.com

Worst case scenario, for $100 you could part the bike out and make some cash. So all is not lost.

Check ebay for parts.


Thanks for the feedback. I tried to get to cover off can't right now. It looks pretty bad.

I picked this up today. Fairly rough shape. I now have to decide if I am going to part our or build. This may be too big of a project for me. I am going to tear down the motor and see how the gears look. If it is bad I will sell the thing as parts. Looks like the cases alone will go for over $100. Wheels are in great shape.

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