07 kx 450f throttle tube sticking.

I have a throttle tube that is binding when you twist it back. It will not return to the starting position. This is a new throttle tube. Any suggestions?

Did you just put this tube on and are having problems,ck.tomake sure tube is not shoved

to far onto the bar and the end of the tube is rubbing on the bars.also did you use glue on new grips,as this tends to ooze out and can cause a lot of problems if your not careful. take it back off and look down inside of the throttle tube for debris. also check to see if it snaps back when its not installed on the bar.

Thanks for the help. The cable was lose when I took it off...obviously. It ended up sliding down a ways and getting pinched under the tank when I put the throttle tube back on.

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