Corrizo Plain National Monument..??

Anyone ever been here? We were thinking of taking a ride up to ojai in the truck with the bike in the back.. then taking the scenic road to the bottom of this preserve, but I am concerned to know if I need my dirt tires for in the park? Or should We just drive the truck to the park from ojai then ride the bike with the dirt tires around the preserve? Thanks for the help!

I am riding my xt350... with my wife on the back!

thank's to president clinton there is no riding there.

So the dirt road is not useable? Is there just a highway around the park?

just found a site that says that the road is part dirt and part paved.. it says that the dirt is hard packed so Im thinking it will be ok to use the road tires for that small portion... I also found a article about Clinton.. He created the Monument to save the land from being developed.. I think it was a good idea or else it would be developed.. Ill post some pics of the trip Monday.. any other info or suggestions would be appreciated.. Thanks!

it has ni=othing to do with development,it is like all the other land grabs the government has been doing lately. they set aside land for a nature preserve and kick us off it,then turn around and lease the land for windmills and solar shit. don't let them fool you.

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