BD battery and tray colide with clark 4.3?

I will use an old Baja Designs battery tray (from when they sold an electric start) that places an XR650L battery near the engine, see pic, arrow points at battery on tray. Looking at pics of Clarke 4.3 tanks monted on XRRs, it looks like they occupy some of the same space. But it's hard to tell, maybe the battery tray can be relocated. A IMS 4.6 seems to have the same shape at the bottom from pics I could find.

Anybody have any experience with either or both, esp. with the battery tray, that can say how this might be made to work, or if there is even a problem? The Ascerbis 6 does not come down there, but the IMS 7 is even worse. I really prefer the Clarke because of slimness and quality. Some pics of those are below.








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Hey River,

At least on my bike I have a '01 r and the Clarke 4.3 will sit on top on the retaining strap for the battery. What I did was get some aluminum and make the strap wider so that it was not going to possibly be cut. I ended up selling the BD starter kit and the battery mount went with it. I hope that helps. Tony

Tony, thanks! I didn't anticipate actually finding somebody who had one. So you are saying it can be done. Sounds like just barely clears. That's great, I have put a lot of time into this.

Do you think the tray could be moved down some to increase clearance?

Thanks much for replying.

Have you considered changing to one of the Lithium Iron Phosphate type batteries? They are much smaller than a lead acid they replace (4.25x2.75x1.125). They only have about 2.3 amp hours, but they have plenty of punch to start a bike.

I don't have one, but I know some riders who use them with great success. The only place that I remember at the moment is They are several others as well.

I have a Clarke 4.3 and BD e-start kit on one of my XRR's. It fits with plenty of clearance.

I have a Clarke 4.3 and BD e-start kit on one of my XRR's. It fits with plenty of clearance.

Hooray! Thanks Jeff!


I'll look into it. I don't like the idea of the heavy lead acid battery, but I will have a 250 watt stator (both 125w circuits paralleled). It will fry the BD electronics and battery. Thus the lead acid batt.

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