08/09 suspension?

I would like to know if 08-09(10) YZ250s share the same suspension as the newer 4 strokes. Have they had the same small suspension updates like 4 strokes are getting every year?

I think I heard or read from somewhere that 08-09 2 strokes still have the very same suspension as it was in 2007.


The forks are the same except for some different internal parts..not sure about the shock though. The two-strokes have been getting the ti shock springs still (not sure about 2010, but they have been -09) while the thumpers went back to a steel spring for 09.

Keeping in mind Yamaha has not done much internally with the forks since 06 for any of the models. I believe valving changes, some slight fooling with the tubes wall thickness, and a little shaved off the length would almost cover anything between all models.

But yes, in 2008 the yz 125 and 250 got the newer fork that has smaller dropouts, and different brake attachment points. So in the suspension department, the 2 stroke yz's are as up to date as it gets. The fork mod instructions from Smart Performance covered the fork and shock from 2006-2009 so there are not enough differences to make different instructions for. They did not get the new swingarm that showed up in 09, but if a person wants to spend enough $$$$, that update sounds possible.

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