drilling out the buttplug on 2009 klx250s?anyone? anyone? bueller? anyone?

So right now i dont have money for an exhaust upgrade and wont for quite some time. anyway to drill out the plug on the exhaust? If so how and will i need to re-jet after? the only thing I have changes on the engine is pulling the snorkel from the air box.....

these bikes run very lean as it is from the factory. I would NOT pull the snorkel unless you rejet also, other wise you will get the bike to run too lean and cause engine damage. I did go to a larger exaust tube at the end of the silencer, I used a hole saw and cut it out, but the tube is tacked welded on a baffle plate behind, you move it around enough the welds will break loose. I used the same size tube that is in the Suzuki dr 400 s. right off the top of my head I don't know what the diameter of this tube is. But it made a BIG difference in power without making it loud.

Use a 1 1/8 inch unibit ( V shaped drill bit ). makes a cleaner hole that trying to keep a hole saw centered, Then pick up the filings with a magnet, I welded a piece of one inch conduit cut on an angle then painted black. Looks stock until you fire it up. Don't do this if your not re-jeting.

You should at least go up 2 main jet sizes if you pull the snorkel out. Increased airflow has a greater impact on your motors performance and longevity as opposed to unrestricting the endcap. You would probably be ok without rejetting as long as you leave the snorket in place if you just free up the exhaust end cap, I have done that many times until I had a chance to rejet without any problems.

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