Where is the 10X ride report?

spill the beans motomanx

kinda hard to type one handed.:excuseme:

kinda hard to type one handed.:bonk:

Tell me about it! I think the fact that your girlfriend had to step up is a story in and of itself :excuseme:

kinda hard to type one handed.:excuseme:

Nothing wrong with Olivia's......hahaha

plus I heard you only type one handed anyway! :bonk:

Tell me about it! I think the fact that your girlfriend had to step up is a story in and of itself :excuseme:



nice vid Scotty.........plus a cameo of SNR.......WOW. :excuseme:

Nothing wrong with Olivia's......hahaha

plus I heard you only type one handed anyway! :cheers:


... somebody spill the beans, I know there's lots of good play by play!

I had some help pre running from Scotty and Mark When my chain guide got cleaned off by a rock riding at night and just wanted to say thanks for stopping and helping me out you guys really are a class act!

Take care Mark Fillebrown

I guess the theme of this year’s 1000 is “sh*t happens, but it could have been much worse.” After spending some serious time preparing for the race, we were ready to go. Our bike (thanks to help from our sponsors) was the best we have ever had. We were familiar with the course and had pre-run every section several times. We had our own chase teams and pits planned and set up. Thanks to the DA for great pit assistance.

On Wednesday (two days before the race), Mark was pre-running his first section (RM 0-36) for the third and final time that morning. When he arrived at RM 31, a rancher was blocking the course and refusing to allow riders through. With no other option, he turned around to ride back to Ojos Negros. Unfortunately, he collided head-on with another rider pre-running the same section. Mark suffered a badly broken left collarbone and a grenaded left wrist while the other rider was knocked unconscious. Both were transported to the Velmar Hospital in Ensenada to be treated and released (Mark had surgery back in the US yesterday).

Obviously, our race-day plans needed to be revised. Luckily we had an alternate rider with us - Olivia Rich had pre-run almost every inch of the course and was ready to step up and take over. With a little more shuffling of sections, we would be able to cover everything - not as we had originally planned, but as best we could with a last minute change like that.

Things started out well on race day - Stephen battled through the dust and blinding sun for the first 36 miles to pass it off to Olivia. After one small mishap (the suspension was WAY too stiff for her), she successfully made it to the base of the Summit. Bryce Stavron took over and made up some time during his section - 200 miles in and everything was going ok.

Kelly had a short section before handing it off at the Morelia Junction. Upon arrival, he noticed that the rear tire had been destroyed by the rocky Summit and needed to be replaced. This was much earlier than expected and had actually caused him to crash and bend the handlebars. Once the rear wheel was swapped and the bars were bent back into a rideable shape, Ray took over and rode down and around Matomi Wash. Bryce took over again at San Felipe as the sun was dropping and headed toward Borrego.

Unfortunately, electrical gremlins reared their ugly heads, creating issues with the lights and charging system, which were finally fixed after several hours of diagnosis and chasing down parts. (Thanks for the stator BBM). It turned out that a wire had come loose and melted some of the connections between the stator and the battery.

Kelly stepped up and rode 140 miles in the dark and bitter cold toward the coast. Creek crossings at night with a bunch of stuck cars is NOT fun.

Once out to Rancho Santa Marta, Kelly finally got to hand off the bike and warm up. Stephen took over for the final push to the finish. However, a small slip in the silt at near Erendira led to a broken brake pedal and a hole in the clutch cover. After over an hour waiting for the sun to come up (and chase crews to get to him), Stephen was able to fix the problem with some JB Weld and gear oil from a helpful spectator and continue on.

Replacing the brake pedal and removing the lights at Acambaro, the home stretch was in sight. It was rough going after all of the trucks had chewed up the rocky, silty section. Stopping a few times to check the clutch cover and top off the gear oil, he finally made it into Ensenada just after 11AM. Mark, being the rider of record, took over for the last 100 yards to cross the finish line.

It was a long race (28+ hours) that tested our endurance and adaptability. While we didn’t reach our goal, we did finish. Once again, sh*t happens, but it could have been much worse. Now it’s time to look forward to next year!

We would like to thank our sponsors

Vistar for all the support keeping us supplied with snacks

Two Brothers Racing for the trick custom exhaust

DeCal Works for the custom graphics that made our bike the best looking one on the course

Mohard Racing for protecting our radiators and brakes

AS Racing for building a great bike, and keeping the prerunners going

Cycra for protecting our hands

ODI for the best grips available

Oakley for great goggles

and crew, without whom this would not have been possible:

Big Dan Husky, Kirsten, Bob, Marilyn, Marshall, Mike, Keppler, Troy, Cory and Sun for chase support

Wow, what a story. I definitely know what its like to miss out on a race you've put a lot of effort into. You seemed to be in good spirits at the start - pretty incredible with those injuries.

Congrats on finishing in spite of all the challenges... it's kinda what makes these races so special.

Very cool Mark... Thanks for the update!!!

I tell ya, glad to hear (in a wierd way) that your damages weren't the "other" colar bone. I was a bit worried when I got the call from Dan'O that day. All in all, sorry I didn't get to see ya when you guys came in... I would've loved to see the crew. But I was stuck in a cold room, doing my thing. :banghead:

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It was good to meet you guys at the start. Sorry things were bumpy. I saw your bike at about rm600 and wondered what was up. I to got stuck at the water crossing behind the trucks. I think you guys may have come up just before they got going. I had been sitting there for about 30min with all thoughs trucks. Your timing was good.

I do understand your broken collarbone pain thats for sure!

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