02 XR250 spits while warming up

My XR250 takes a while to warm up, on deceleration it seems to spit or hiccup. Not sure whats causing it. Could it be the valve adjustment? A while back I had a problem with the carb being gummed up. Bike is rarely used, probable only has 30 hours at most. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Is the carb clean now ?

Make sure your fuel screw is set right and the slow jet isnt gummed up.

The slow jet ports plug real easy from age and sitting, and can be hard to clean. The symptom you describe sound like slow jet clogging, can also cause hard cold starting.

I've had to pull the carb and use carb cleaner spray on every thing. Sight all jets and opening against a light source to look for dirt and crud. Blow air thru all passages and check for flow.

The low speed jet feeds two tiny ports in the floor of the carb, one right under the rear edge of the slide and another right above the slow speed mixture screw. I 've had stubborn ones that the only way I could get the ports clean was by blowing air thru them from the venturi side.

A bread tie wire can do wonders too :bonk:

My bike was running like crap at low rpms and sputtering while idling till I took a bread tire wire and reamed out my pilot jet. I could barely see threw it but after I cleaned it I could see the light !

My pilot jets best friend :



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