13/48 gearing

Looking for some feedback on using a 13/48 gearing on the 09,I usually run a 13/51,but wanted to try something different.This is what Team Green recommended on the 08.:excuseme:

i first tried 13/49 and the bike seemed to fall on its face in 3rd, i run 13/51 and it makes 3rd gear alot more rideable rolling on out of corners ( on a 06)

kauwboye, Perhaps try 13:48.

neal99, I would like to ride another 06 which falls flat in 3rd with 13:48. If the revs are above 3000 I cannot imagine that, but then I am 165 lbs. Probably you ask a lot more of the engine than I do.

I run 13:48 at most places and 3rd is the utility gear. For tight hair pin ruts I use 2nd. Never touch 1st. Use 4th a fair bit. I have the rekluse pro clutch which must slip for me in many turns, but the clutch plates are hardly worn and generally I find the engine has more grunt than needed and I am at under 3/4 open throttle. Tried 13:51 and often could not guess what gear I was in, except when I was wishing for a 5th! The engine can be lugged like a tractor or revved to 11000 rpm.

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Personally, I like the 13/51 on my 09 kawi 450...I thought the stock 13/50 made it lug a little more than I liked (for motocross anyway)...I did use the 13/48 on my Honda's (all 450's) but ended up using a 14/52 and loved it...and I have rarely wanted to, or needed to, use 5th gear on my local mx tracks, including Red Bud...but it probably depends on what kind of riding you do..

I tried a 13/48 over the weekend and really liked it,2nd and 3rd gear is all I needed,so much more pull in 2nd,and it didn't fall on its face either

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