Any Kachina results yet???

How did it go guys??

Jason "racemile" Mighell

It was killer!!! in both ways, fun and hard. Lots of DNF's. The promotor did a good job with the course. Well marked trails, check crews that knew what they were doing, rest stops in the right place. The C guys ended before the fun really started. They put the A&B riders back on some nasty stuff for about 10 miles. Then the B riders were done and the A riders got 14 more miles of lots of virgin trail through some nasty country. I was able to get 3rd in Vet A but it was because it was a weak class. Lots of bumps and bruises today!!!!!

> I was able to get 3rd in Vet A but it was because it was a weak class.

What a load of crap. You got 3rd in Vet A 'cause you persevered. :)

Everything else Rex said was true. It was "relentless"... nothing

extremely technical, but it just kept coming, mile after mile.

I killed my bike about 2 miles before the B finish and spent the

next 10 minutes waiting for an electric starter to magically graft

itself onto the YZ. It didn't happen and I spent 15 minutes poking

weakly at the kickstarter. I wound up 5th Sr B and just thankful

that I finished.

On the upside, I met "Wicked Crash" and got a few minutes to

talk to him. It was his first enduro. I hope he checks-in to

give us his side...


Sounds Great,

Wicked, how did it go man!!?!?!?!?

Am I correct in the assumption that the next Enduro is the Inyan Kara on june 29th???


Yep the next one is Inya Kara and in the past it has always been a fun race. Last 2 years have been hot as crap but if the weather is nice, i.e. cooler, its a great woods event!!!!

You wouldn't like a magic button Merf, it'd just make you lazy like me! I must've stalled my bike at least 10 times in nasty stuff, to hit that button and go has made me spoiled. We really had no choice but to bull through the shrubs on the A course, they beat you down little by little. I was in 6th Senior A when I left, felt fortunate to finish that high. I could see Dan D. was having a rough time of it as well in the last part. He was on the minute behind me, passed me a few miles from the A/B split, was rocking along. Then I came to him picking his bike up, shortly thereafter he repassed me when my bike began running rough. Came across him picking his bike up again a little further on, then didn't see him again. There was alot of carnage on the A trail.

Racemile, looks like Upton, WY is next, sure seems like a long ways away, but gives me time to pull the rest of the cactus out of my leg!

Dan D knocked himself silly in one of those crashes. Went

OTB and landed head first on a couple rocks. Put some new

aerodynamic air channeling in his new lid and stars in his

eye lids. Bent the bars, silencer, ripped off the left rad

shroud.. he's probably pretty sore today.

J Penney rendered himself unconscious after trying to move a

tree right at the finish of the C loop. He rode the next 11

miles with a grapefruit on his right forearm/elbow and a concussion.

He's a savage.

I only saw you once all day. It was right after the nasty stuff

on the C loop. You came through the reset and looked a little

"late" ... I never saw you again.


Glad you guys liked should have seen the sweep! Got the last guy in about 5pm.

So Rex it looks like the 450 is a keeper heh? :)

I saw Jary's arm, that looked nasty. Sorry to hear about Dan, hope he'll be ok. Did he just switch to the WR for this race?

Are you talking about the reset at around 39.8? I think I dropped 6 thru there, but wasn't late leaving the reset. Mike O. pulled up with about 2 minutes to go in the reset, he was having a rough time with the sand. Don't know about you, but I've had enough deep sand for a while too!

> Did he just switch to the WR for this race?

He's trying to get it dialed-in. Said he liked it but

couldn't get it to turn in the sand. He'll get it figured

out though.

> Are you talking about the reset at around 39.8?

Maybe... I would have still (maybe) have been on time about


Glad to hear MikeO made it.. I never got a chance to meet or

even see him. How'd he like the race?

Sand? Yea, I'm done for a while!


SAND SUCKS! It would be fine if it was a straight sand wash, but I couuldn't get my bike to turn in the washes either. I have a nice welt on my shoulder from a juniper branch whipping me, but other than that, I just got exhausted. Picking a 426 up 7 times in the sand washes wore me out. My GPR damper broke, something snapped on the inside, so I have to send that back to get fixed. Anyways, I was one of the many DNFs of the race, but I will definately try another. To everyone who finished the race :D and I'll see you at another one :)

SMD I really liked the 450, the thing never missed a beat, as I was getting close to the end I thought about how well the bike did even though I flogged the hell out of it. I didn't kick start it once, not even first thing in the morning. I still need to learn it a bit more but in place I felt like I could do no wrong on the bike. The suspension works, the engine works, and the little magic button works!!! (sorry Merf I had to throw that in).

You said it! The next time I see that much sand I want to have a swimsuit on and a margarita in hand. I went down more times in the sandwashes than I had during the entire last year at Berthoud. I finished, but with a score any basketball team would be proud of. That last A section sounded brutal. Aaron Turner (on the YZ250) traveled with me, he's 5 times Colorado road race champion and a really good dirt rider. He was even complaining about how tough that last stretch was. Phil, the other A guy with us (CRF), went OTB, cracked ribs, DNF.

Endozen, thanks again for the tips and timekeeping. You looked like you were riding well to me. I owe you a few beers sometime.

The next time I see that much sand I want to have a swimsuit on and a margarita in hand.

Are you guys trying to talk me into entering next year? I like those sand washes. :)

Actually, I think the NM club, the NMDRC, has their race in the same basic area as the Kachina (just a few miles north of Española??), if so then I'm familiar with the terrain and course, in fact the last time I was up there a few years back a guy on my row commented that the race course that year was basically the same as the enduro course. From this post I'm guessing that wasn't the case for the A riders this year, because there wasn't anything that hairy in the last race I ran up there.

I don't suppose anybody is planning on making the trip to the Mile High this year? Still haven't tried an enduro yet. I heard it was like racing with extra time to rest. :D

Just kidding. You enduro riders can get back at me when you spank me in Cloudcroft. I need a kick in the pants to get me to try this type of thing. Anyone?? :D

Sounds like fun.

Hick rumbled forth:

> I don't suppose anybody is planning on making the trip to the Mile High this year?

> Still haven't tried an enduro yet. I heard it was like racing with extra time to rest.

Well, ya know, you need that extra rest time when you race

for 6.5 hours... :)

Yea, I'll probably be at Cloudcroft this year. Haven't raced it

in a few years so I'm due... I'm sure Rex (Endurodog) will be there too.


Hick they ran us over lots of the old course this year but they threw in lots of new stuff for the A's and B's.

I'll be at Mile High if it doesn't conflict with the Colorado 500.

Great, I'll get in touch with you guys as the Mile High nears to see if anybody is going to make it. I'll need some tips and encouragement, I'll probably enter Vet B.

Not sure about timekeeping etc. Do most first timers:

- Go naked and just try to hang with the best rider on their minute?

- Bite the bullet and get a roll chart and clock/odo and immerse themselves in the timekeeping experience?

- Really go nuts and buy a computer and (try to) learn to use it?


Do you guys use computers?

BTW, I've ridden with a local guy who is TSCEC, he is a B rider (and pretty fast, which makes me wonder about the TSCEC & RMEC A riders) and he has briefed me on how hairy some of these things can be. I'm definitely not denigrating the effort and skill involved. Six hours? I'm not sure about that, I have to go almost three in an NMDRC event and usually at about hour number two I'm questioning the judgement that brought me to that point.

In fact, I'm betting the RMEC A riders are maybe a half notch above the NMDRC A riders, although there are some really fast guys (one of them top-tenned a WORCS race, Havasu I think). Which makes me a B rider for sure once I figure out the timekeeping aspect, until then I guess I'll be "that idiot on my minute who kept getting in my way then passed me and blew a check."

I don't want to enter my first enduro w/out some moral support and prodigous amounts of advice, for my sake and that of the other competitors'. :D

Hick sez:

> 6.5 hours..

You're not "flat out" for that time. You sometimes get to rest.

> Do you use computers?


> First timer questions...

If it were me, I'd just enter the first event and ride to see what

it's all about. I admit though, that part of the experience is trying to make sense out of the timekeeping rules.

IMHO, do NOT buy a computer for your first event. You

need (again, IMHO) to understand the nuts and bolts of timekeeping before buying a computer.

> I don't want to enter my first enduro w/out some moral support and prodigous amounts of advice, for my sake and that of the other competitors'.

You'll find plenty of support, even if you go alone. Enduro

people are always eager to sucker, uh, I mean, help along

a newbie. Just introduce yourself to your fellow minutemen

at the start, tell them you're at your first enduro, and could use

any help they could throw your way. I'd be willing to bet that

you get help!

Now, the bad news, as Rex mentioned, The CO 500 is 9/7-12

this year, so I won't be able to make it. 600 miles followed by a

race is a little too much...

How's about Boondockers or Cottonboll?


How's about Boondockers or Cottonboll?

Hmmm. Tempting, but even more of a drive than the Kachina. I really should have just entered the Kachina, that TSCEC guy I bump into occasionally was trying to talk me into it and the Mile High, both in my home state, Cloudcroft is only a two hour drive (if that).

Of course, if I do well and have fun at the Mile High I will be much more inclined to venture into the panhandle and try one of those.

What is the terrain like? Is there any terrain to speak of outside of Amarillo? I'm picturing limited elevation changes and few or no trees to go around. Maybe some caprock and narrow gullies.....

What about Boot Hill?


Thanks for all the tips. I will definitely tap into y'alls knowledge base when the time comes with some more questions. These things really sound like something I'd enjoy. I need a toy hauler. :D

The terrian at Mile High is typical mountain stuff. It's like were back home in the Rockeys. Pine forest, rocks, and hills. The stuff at Boondockers and Cottonbol is sandy low land stuff through the scrub brush. They find plenty of tight stuff down in the Canyons and along the river bottoms but no big elevation changes. I like Boondockers and Cottonbol, fun races.

Boothill, well, um, I, aaaaa, can you say rocks!!!! and lots of them!!!! This will be a true enduro since it will be a national. Scott Bright is the promotor and a good one at that. He will make it fun and do-able for the C riders. I don't know if he will have an A only split and give the B guys a break. But what ever the A riders do will be a true test, hey the best in the Nation will be there. Scott knows what he's doing and it will be a good enduro. Did I mention there are rocks in that area??

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