Bike vandalised after attempted theft :(


someone tried to steal my 2003 drz400s the other day and destroyed the ignition barrel.

It is a 4 wire barrel. Ive looked all over the web and cant find a pattern ignition barrel or 2nd hand one anywhere! Suzuki want about £80 for one which seems crazy for such a small simple part.

Does anyone have a used barrel and keys for sale or know where I can get a pattern barrel or another barrel that will fit?

Thanks, from UK.

hi mrtee, have you tried sourcing a klx400 barrel? klx parts often seem to be cheaper for some reason. good luck.


Suzuki only charge so much cos they know how many barrels get screwed up by these theifing reprebates.

No ideas on where to get a cheaper one, you might have to fork out the £80.

Get yourself a motion sensitive alarm, i got myself one a couple of years ago when some runt kept on kicking over my gpz900 and it did the trick.

Then get yourself a large dog (or 2), a roll of ducktape and a shovel. Then just keep your ears open for your alarm! :smirk:

God these theifing crackhead scum make me mad! :excuseme:

Look on the bright side, it mite end up costing you £80, but at least they aint got youre bike! :bonk:

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