XR200 carb

Was thinking of getting a XR200 carb for my crf150f and was wondering if there was any better year to be looking for or are they all the same?My plan is the BBR 175 kit and the carb any info greatly appreciated.

that carb with the choke removed works killer with the bbr 175 kit.

Almost all of the carb parts from all of the two valve XR185/200Rs interchange however the carb model changed in 86 to a PD97 and the jets numbers changed. Suggest using the 86 and newer. These are all the same size oval venturi carbs with a flange mount and several manifolds are available depending on which way you need to angle the carb. Other XRs, XLs, ATC, TLRs, etc use smaller Keihin carbs with different model codes.

The XR200R manifolds angle the carb to the right to clear the shock, two versions 81-83 (model code KA2) & 86-02 (model code KT0). The model codes are cast in the manifold rubber.

do I need the rubber intake also or will my original fit the Xr200 carb,There is a new carb for sale on ebay I was thinking of getting.If I got this carb now would there be any point of installing it before the 175 kit?

Is your existing carb flange or spigot mount?

The PD97 has a an outlet bore of 29.86mm, flange bolt center tocenter spacing of 47.86mm.

The carb length is 80mm and the air horn OD is 44mm.

my carb bolts on with 2 studs/nuts,looks identical to the way the 200 bolts on but I dunno the diameter of it

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