WARNING: oil filter cover bolts

Just a word of warning to new 2010 CRF-250 owners; DO NOT follow Honda's spec for the oil filter cover bolts (9 ft lbs) or the transmission drain bolt (16 ft lbs). These specs are way too high and you are *very* likely to strip or snap the long filter cover bolt.

I was changing the oil on my old 06 450 last night and decided to do everything "by the book" since I was showing my son how to do his (brand new 2010 CRF-250). Normally I tighten the filter cover bolts by feel and never had a problem, but in this case I got out my high quality, inch lbs torque wrench and followed Honda's spec; *SNAP* went the long bolt :excuseme:. I did a bit of forum searching and discovered this is an extremely common issue. "Surely, they will have a more reasonable spec in the 2010 manual" I thought, "they must realize by now that 9 ft lbs is way too much for a long 6mm bolt". But I checked, and sure enough, it's still 9 ft lbs (which is why I'm posting this here in the 250 forum, hoping to save some new owners some grief). Interesting to note that all the other 6mm bolts are 7 ft lbs. Thanks Honda :bonk:

Normally I do the drain bolts and filter cover bolts by feel, but if you must torque them, the common wisdom seems to be 7 ft lbs for the cover bolts and 12 ft lbs for the drain bolts.

Sorry to hear that happened to you. Thank you for this valuable insight. You probably saved me. :excuseme:

yes good pointers. I was "torquing" mine up to those O.E. specs and stopped short when it just "felt" like the specs were too high. So i reverted to the tried and trusted feel method.

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