will this piston work?

hi there guys just quick question i have a 1991 rm 250 my old piston has 2 rings i recieved the one i ordered today it only has one ring and i bit different in shape at bottom it says it is for 1987 to 1995 rm 250 its made by mitaka, will this work still? thanks

The factory piston for your year only has one ring and it works fine.

thanks mate:thumbsup: good to know i dont have to send it back, you can imagine what i thought when i saw the one ring after the one i just took out has 2, what difference will it make if any?

I doubt you'll notice any difference. I've run both one ring and two ring pistons in mine (an '89) and couldn't tell any difference beyond that of having a fresh top end.

ok then buddy thanks for clearing that up for me, just waiting on my flywheel rotor puller to turn up so i can change my main crank bearings. then fit new seals and gaskets and torque her all up lovely job.

I just googled Mitaka pistons because I never heard of them and I have found that they are made in Taiwan and that they have relativly short life span. This doesn't mean that you will have problems, but I am cautioning you as to their reputation. I also found that they are the largest European import of parts and gaskets.

Good luck.

yeah i have heard there not the best next rebuild though will have top spec piston.

Do you plan on running MX with this bike or just running through the woods?

just through woods and fun, nothing serious

You should get some time out of it then.

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