prepping for mud rides?

i have a 3hr endurance mx race tomorw and it will be very muddy. i do my own things to get ready, just looking to see what you guys do?

i plan to spray the bike with cooking spray for easy clean up after, and may tape a extra piece of plastic to my helmet visor, but any other tips would be cool.i am ridinga kx250, so no overheating issues here.

here's a pic of the race last month, and it will be worse tomorw. still fun though.

before race...........


during the race, i only wore the rain jacket for the first couple laps. then it got to hot.


and the bikes after the race..


Pam cooking spray or WD40, I prefer Pam cause my bike smells like a cookie (:

foam, foam, foam, i cover everything in foam so there is nowhere for the foam to build up,

if you do alot of muddy races you should invest in a set of solid discs (non wave) it will save you a abit on pads,

a set of hand guards are good to help keep fingers warm and dry,

and skateboard grip tape is great for protecting plastics and graphics while helping to grip the bike when mud build up (but will eat you pants),

just do the mud races in the winter, so more looking for cheap and easy fixes for now.

keep them comeing though

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