KDX to KX Fork Conversion HELP!!

Im sure this topic has been posted many a time on this site but thought i would ask the wealth of all knowledge to get a quicker response rather than trawling through all the pages on here to find what im looking for. All i ask is if people can stick some links on this thread to asssist me on carrying out this mod.

Many thanks

P.S Just so you know its a 97 KDX220 and i have so far bought to carry out the MOD

04' front wheel

04' brake calliper and mount

04' axel

04' forks

96' tripple clamp as thats the only one i could find on Ebay

Oh C Rap would a set of 03 yokes and forks work with all the other stuff i have purchased as i can cancel my 04' and 96' triple order?

That sounds like a better fit to me, maybe someone else can confirm this?

I dont think it will matter between 03 and 04 setup. The issue is whether the 04 forks have larger diamer and thus reduce your turning radius. I use 05 KXF forks on 2 KDXs. Believe me they have a fairly large diamer but raising the forks really helps with turning radius.

The real key is to buy basicaly a complete compatible front end. So if you got 04 stuff get everything 04 - front wheel, brake, forks, axle, etc.

You need to get yourself a triple clamp that will work with 04 forks. I used BRP triple clamps that allow scotts stabilizer to be mounted. When getting clamp you might want to think if you will eventually use a stabilizer.

Go to KDX Rider.net. Alot of great info about fork conversion.

Keep the 2004 forks and dump the 1996 clamps. Get 2003+ clamps.

things are looking up i have got the 04' forks, Shop thought they had some 04' triple in stock but have gone so i have had to settle for a set of 02' triples instead which the guy at the shop has checked to make sure they fit and they do so should recieve them tommorow happy days.

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