aprilia sxv 2007 550 5.5

im looking at buying one of the aprilia sxv 550's but it scares me it being an exotic and the expensive repairs. everyone i talk to tells me to stick with the drz 400 sm and just soup it up. saying its more reliable. and less problems. tell me anything you got. the good and the bad just trying to put together my pros and cons. anything and everything even pics of your rad supermoto would always be fun! hope others enjoy too

I had a KTM 640 SM and sold it to get a Husky 510 SM. I sold that just after 3 month's because I test rode an Aprilia SXV550. There is no bike that matches the Aprilia's power and fun factor. That said, they are very high maintenance and the 07's have a high failure rate. The sealant used for the center cases was not the correct stuff and led to a lot of failures. The factory has been very good about warranteeing them but it still is scary. You would be better off looking for an 08'. They are much more reliable.

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