84-91 xr200r kick stands longer then 93-02?

i finished up my long travel swaps today and i figured i'd need a longer kick stand. are the 84-91 kick stands longer then 93-02? my bike leans over super hard.

please let me know so i can go buy the correct one.


Good news! The 84-91 kick stands are longer. I put an 84 on my 01 and it works perfect. :excuseme:


you are my hero...off ebay i go!

Do either of you have measurements of the overall length or even the difference in length?

I have a CRF230 with suspension mods and the kickstand is rediculously short. I'd like it to be almost 2.5" longer.

The stock CRF230 stand is 4.5" from the mount pivot to the return spring pin. The length is 13.5" from mount pivot to the center of the foot.


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Added information

I just went out and measured mine and my daughters 200's.

2002 short= 12 7/8 pivot to foot. Pivot to spring pin 4 3/8--4 1/2.

2001 w/1984 long= 14 1/2 pivot to foot. Pivot to spring pin, same as '02 short.

Hope this helps.:banghead:

Thanks a ton, Jeff!


86 xr250 kickstand works as well

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