RM85 Clutch Issues

Just brought a used RM85 home for my son. Test rode well but now I notice clutch doesn't fully engage/disengage when pulled. When I take up slack in the cable it won't turn the wheel when fully released. So, pretty sure it's not an adjustment thing.

I figured if the plates were worn then it wouldn't exhibit the problem of dragging when pulled in. It would slip if released, no?

Only thing I can think of is warped?

Any ideas?



Next issue...

Decided to let my son ride it anyway today. I figured he could live with the dragging for a bit.

So, to start it you HAVE to be in neutral. THERE'S NO NEUTRAL DETENT IN THE MECHANISM. :excuseme:

I didn't catch any of this on the test ride. :bonk::banghead:

What do I need to look at/for?



The neutral indent on Rms is very subtle so it takes alittle time to get used to, as for the clutch it sounds like you need to open it up and have a look. It very well could be a heavily notched basket and hub and chances are the plates are warped if they are the oem's.

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