Starter Button randomly not working

It's totally random (as far as i can tell), i'll stall the bike on the trail and when i hit the starter... nada. No turning over no nothing. If i just sit there hitting it long enough it always turns the engine over eventually. What i've realized now is that if i hit the button and nothing happens, all i have to do is let out the clutch and pull it back in (while holding the button) and it fires right up right when i get the clutch all the way back in.

04 drz s


runs great

Check the clutch interlock safety switch or better still, bypass by removing the headlight shroud, unplugging the switch and then plugging the two wires from the harness into each other. Do a search to get more info and pictures.

x2 on the clutch switch.

X3 on the clutch switch, after mine did it the 2nd time , it became history as we know it

X again on that clutch switch, mine wore out to and ran out of travel recently

A bit of servicing in the form of a spray lubricant may fix yours for a while though. Last year I striped down and serviced all the switch gear on my high mileage 03 E model and it cured the problem with the starter circuit clutch switch for a while, but didn't cure it in the end..

While your at it take off the kickstand switch! POS aswell

If the previous don't work, double check your kill button. I have had mine stuck in and it wouldn't let the bike start. I had to push it a few times for it to pop all the way out and turn the "kill" off completely.

Well now the clutch bypass is about the easiest thing on the planet. Thanks a lot for the help boys!

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