pipes,96db legal?

after spending $800.00 on my dsp ti pipe I can't use it because of this stupid law, so I need some help on buying one to replace it, who makes a light pipe that does not rob hp. and is 96db legal?

White Bros. has a new pipe in their catalog, but when I called, I was told it wouldn't be available until October. Ligneracing.com sells CRD and I've read good things about them here. CRD is made in France :), but then so are my Dunlops. Big Gun told me their pipe(full system) with their 'quiet core' would keep my wr450 under 96db(I think they said 93db-95db) and would only be down about one hp compared to the same pipe with the 'race core'. You can also get an insert(read;plug) to make it even quieter.

Pro Circuit has a new slip on called '496' and they claim no significant power loss compared to their T-4. Also don't forget FMF's 'Q'.

Those are the only viable choices I was able to find. I ordered a PC 496. They are currently on back order, but I was told they should start shipping the first part of May.

I have no clue which is lightest or makes the most/type of power. I used a scientific approach to decide. I like the looks of the round can, and get to keep my cool ti head pipe. :D

Here are some results that I just found: I still have a printed copy of that article. MotorSports News, December '02. NMA: Four Stroke Silencer Test

I'll paraphrase thier results...

Honda CRF 450R Stock: 97db

FMF "Q" 97 db :Loss on top, mid and bottom Grade: C

Pro Circuit T-4 95 db :Soft off bottom, revs out good: A-

White Bros. E-Series 97 db :Early increases, signs off early: B-

KTM RFS 520 SX Stock 94 db

FMF "Q" 92 db : Engine revs freer, but less power : B

CRD 92 db: Decrease in power, early sign off: (Not FS "Approved"):C

KTM RFS 400 EXC Stock 89 db

FMF "Q" 92 db : Power increase over entire range: A

CRD 88 db : Noticable decrease of power, early sign off: C

KTM RFS 450 EXC Stock 90 db

FMF "Q" 92 db : Pulls faster, longer and harder than stock: A

CRD 88 db : Noticable decrease of power, early sign off: C

Suzuki DR400Z Stock 91 db

FMF "Q" 94 db : Good response through range: A

CRD 91 db : Substantial gains, good top end pull: A

Yamaha WR250F Stock 88 db (Is the baffle still in?)

FMF "Q" 94 db : Power increases through entire range: A

White Bros. "E" 96 db :Power builds from bottom to top: B-

Yamaha WR400F Stock 99 db

FMF "Q" 97 db : Good thru mid, top like stock: B-

White Bros "E" 98 db :Good power, but sound... : C-

CRD 96 db :Better response, power gains, good top end: A (Chris, I want your pipe!)

No YZ's were tested, and it does not describe the modification state of the bikes tested. Also, the article states that CRD (Ligne Racing) was in the process of becoming Forest Service Approved.

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