Dirt Bike artical on new national DB limit?

Take a look at the new DB, they are claiming the 96 db will be national Jan 2004! It's in with a spark arrestor end cap section. Anyone know anything about this? :)

I wouldn't get too excited about this article just yet. Take a look at their prices. I wish I could buy those end caps for what the say they sell for but it AIN'T gonna happen. If you send that amount to those end cap makers they will probably send it back wanting more dough. I've seen this in Dirt Bike before. I don't know where they get their information. It's not from the manufacturers.

I'm gonna wait and see.

:thinking:Jim :

I spoke with the USA Yamaha Corp. lawyer a while back who said they and the other companies are lobbying for what sounded like a 50 state law that would standardize the sound requirement and spark arrestors. Personally I don't care what sound limit they set as long as they pick some standard and leave it alone for a few years.

Does anyone know what the Law in Michigan is? I know the MCCC does 94DB. Is that the law? I can live with 96 but try to buy a pipe that is 94! A National standard would help everyone. 96 sounds fair. ---Mike

Michigan is 94 dB. The CCC just enforces the state law at the rides.

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