07-09WR vs YZ cams

I have an 09WR 450 all the free mods, jd jet kit, quickshot 3, yosh pipe, etc. My old bike was an 04 WR450. I put a YZ exhaust cam in my 09 same as I did on my 04 bike. I have recently found out the 07-09 WR models also have a different intake cam than the YZs.The 04WR had the same intake cam as the 04YZ did. My question is how much different is the 09WR intake cam vs the 09YZ intake cam? Also is the 09WR intake cam compatable with the 09YZ exhaust cam?:excuseme:(I sure hope so because thats the way I've been running mine:busted:) Anybody know any thing on this?

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