Radiator repairs

I had the same experience but never fixed them, I bought the Devol braces that wrap around the radiators but bolt to the frame, I havent had any problems since.

Norman K.

Beaumont Tx

You may all know this already but the YZ radiators are really flimsy. On my third ride I fell over on a berm and smashed my radiator. It held fluid but was twisted so badly my shroud would not fit on. I was really disapointed in the fragile nature of the radiator.

So I sent the part to Myler's in Utah and they fixed it up great. It cost my $81 but it's better than new. They did a great job with a one day turn around time!

Next I mounted the Works Connection rear mount radiator braces. They are very sano and should work well. I augered into a hill side on Sunday with no damage. I'm not sure I would have taken out the radiator again but it did hit flat on it's side so who knows.

Anyway, if you do waste a radiator, don't drop $300 on the new part until Myler's says they can't fix it.

Roostn in Denver

I mounted the Devol rad gaurds on my 98 YZ.

Dropped it this past weekend up in Hollister right on the left gaurd. Could not even see where it hit. The Devol gaurds are very strong, mount to the frame and enclose the radiator. I would definatly buy them again!

I just sent mine to Mylers to get fixed and was wondering where and how much for the Devol rad. gaurds?

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