07 WR450 Gearing

I recently bought an 07 WR450F. It has a trials tire on it and I am replacing it with a stock size dunlop 756. The bike has a 45 tooth rear sprocket and a 13 tooth front. I am assuming the 45 rear was to make up for the lower profile trials tire. I am wondering what others run for gearing. I run mostly tight trails in washington and occasionally run the desert in AZ and CA. Not looking for speed just handling.



I have a 2008 wr 450 and I put a 12 CS sproket on the front to try and It's better for me. But I have a new 52 and a chain on the shelf that alot of single track guys seem to like for when the current set up wears out. 13 / 50 was stock but 2cnd was too tall for my taste in the woods and 1st was still pretty low.

13/50 - cant go wrong

Hey JM450, I have the stock 13/50 on my 09 WR450 and am finding the same situation. 1st too Low and 2ND too tall in the woods what has worked best for you going down to 12 or should i run 13/52?

I just put a 13/51 on my 07 and it has worked out perfect for Idaho single track. My 2 cents.

just keep it in perspective - your talking about 1-2, on the back. not much difference if you think your problem is that severe. i would hardly notice going from a 50 to 51. however on my last bike i wentfr 46 - 52 and that was better.

I'm still running the 12/50 combo but I will be soon be trying the 13/52. The 12/50 has been working pretty good in the woods but sometimes on fire roads I find myself trying find another gear. But I sure love this bike.

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