Oil Change Procedure for '06-'09 Model YZ450's

I just bought an 08 yz450f. Reading the owners manual, it sounds like you can just fill it up until it about leaks out the dipstick hole, is that correct? As long as it's above the hash marks and doesn't leak out when u pull out the dipstick

No.  Regardless how much you pour into the '06-'09, only a very few more CC's of space exist in the oil "tank" beyond it's normal operating level.  Since the return pump moves oil more than twice as fast as the feed side does, the entire oil supply, less about 100cc in circulation will usually be in the tank, and the sump will be "dry".  Any excess that doesn't fit in the tank is forced out of the tank through the pressure balance hose back into the sump, where it gets in the way of the crankshaft, blows out the breathers, and possibly overwhelms the rings, causing smoke and oil burning.


Don't overfill.

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