burnt oil

I have an 03 wr450. 3rd owner (at least). I run spectro synthetic blend 10/40. My oil is completely cooked after about 100 miles to the point that is runs off the stick like brown water. Also in my oil filter and frame screen there is a lot of black crud. No idea what that is. Why is the oil so burnt out after so short a distance and what could that crud stuck in the filter be?

I do have a rekluse with a bit of chatter occasionally. Could it be from the clutch slipping?

Yes. You may be riding in too high of a gear, which will cause excessive slippage of the Rekluse plates, and will 'burn the oil.

Downshift, downshift, downshift!

No, I don't think the gear you are in is the issue.

The issue is "3rd owner, at least".

The previous owner(s) may not have changed the oil, only topped it off. This would mean there is years of clutch debris in your crank and tranny that need to be removed.

That, or they used a non 'motorcycle' oil that is eating away the clutch plates.

Or, they put sawdust in the motor to smooth out damaged engine noises. :banghead:

You can use motorcycle engine flush. Don't use Car engine flush as it will soften the clutch plates.

I put on about 500 miles before this started. The first few oil changes I did the oil looked fine. A bit brown but still translucent. Actually I think it may have started shortly after the rekluse was put in. If those friction plates are original the they must be cooked and the rekluse can't be helping.

You may be onto something with the gear too high thing. I try and keep the motor singing but am aware that on occasion I could be running a lower gear. I'll keep that in mind next spring when we can start riding again. thanks

I have been told that if the oil is burnt you may need a new clutch. I had this issue with my 99 and I changed the clutch and the bike performance really improved. I would use synthetic for sure to make the bike smooth and longer lasting. Smell the oil the next time to change it and see if it smells burnt, if it does replace the clutch.

Oil burnt, black crud in the filter = Smoke clutch. Tall gear could have shorten the life of the plates, or a plate may have come apart from stress and not let the clutch lock up. We didn't put any slick 50 in the hole did we? (not good) Simple fix, pull it apart and clean all the fiber crud out and replace the plates. New plates, check your gap on the rekluse. I helped my ride buddy put in a henson basket and rekluse pro and he loves it, but we made sure that gap was right before bolting on the side cover. Have a good day.

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