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Taffy..where did you put the zerk

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Hi James

i started the bike on saturday but it wouldn't engage a gear so i took it back to the mechanic an hour ago & will collect on thursday. just the clutch so no probs i think.

i'm MX'ing on saturday. were easing some of the rules for F & M over here. so no results yet. BTW the only result i'm interested in is over one season & i don't suppose you want to wait that long for the SP (starting price to you guv).

anyway, your question.

i had the hole shebang apart & found that the little rollers on the SA pivot are seperated by about 20mm. there are 2 on each side of the engine so to speak. so i drilled down from above the SA & fitted a zerk on each side. you'll need to blow/clean the swarf away here.

where to drill?

look carefully & yamaha kindly left us all little 5mm squared 'plateau's'on top. on the right side i drilled on the back edge so as to keep the zerk away from the kickstart housing. on this side i put in a 135d zerk pointing back through the frame of the bike. the left side one is just 1mm from the chain slider! very proffesional!

as you know the 'bowed crank' has a bolt that has a hole down the middle. this can be seen from the RHS of the bike. there is another one under the little plastic caps that sit in the SA. i 'drill cleaned' the holes.

i tapped the hole, then drilled a hole into the bolt from the side at it's middle. my drill bits protested (3 of the little bleeders!) so i ground down a ditch & then drilled the bottom of the ditch. went like a knife through butter. the bolts both go through two top hat spacers each.

i drilled the hole that's already there out to 4mm on both. so that was them done.

that leaves the 'E' arm to the frame. i drilled this in the middle around near the front side & put another 135d zerk in.

that's it really. it was quite easy really. changing the bearings was the bitch.

dont laugh, but i drilled my rear brake arm & the kickstart & did the same.

the RB went very well. i filed a flat face at what i would describe as the upper back face (10 o' clock).

the kickstart is a balls-up. i did the drilling slap bang in the middle top & the nipple scrapes the frame! oh well!


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