Spark Arrestor

I just bought an '00 426. This bike rules!! I like the power delivery of the stock pipe and I am looking for a spark arrestor. My buddy has a '98 400 and he bought a White Bros. e-series (w/discs) but it melted his fender and side plate. Can anyone recommend a good spark arrestor (perhaps a mod to the stock pipe?) that delivers trail-friendly power but won't melt my plastic?

Thanks for your input.

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Check out the WR400 owners page here at Thumpertalk. Look under "Technical"- scroll down and you'll find the sparky your looking for to modify your stock pipe.

same again, go to WR site & click to go back 60 days. clark has tried all the pipes that offer any degree of civility. he's found one called a 'stroker' to go with an fmf powerbomb header. it's all been carefully checked-back to back stuff etc.

it's been done with YZ timing as well so it's all relevant.

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I'm using a FMF Powercore IV^s with spark arrestor. It is great. It has a great sound like an M-60 firing a 10 round burst every time you whack the gas! It makes great power and looks good.

The fit and finish were really good. I paid $233 for it at my local shop. I like it so far.

Roostn in Denver


I don't know whether it works or not, but White Brothers does sell a deflector plate that mounts with the discs to keep from discoloring or melting the rear fender. Maybe you should tell your buddy about it.

Check out Bought a kit from them for around $125. Needs a slight modification that any machine shop can do in order to fit a 426. I made the modification and put it on my 426. Looks, sounds and runs great. I run 12 disks and noticed no loss of power from the stock end cap. I posted details about the modification some time ago so do a search for BMP on this site or DRN for more details if your interested.

I found this in the archive Can anyone tell me if they actually ponied up for this? Seems like a $120 for a simple end cap and screen is a little STEEP. For another $80 or less you can get a "good guy" deal on a complete silencer. Anyone?

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Like kcjames I have a BMP spark arrestor w/12 discs. I ordered and installed mine in October. I had to do nothing but drill out the stock rivets and install the BMP endcap. No modifications required to the BMP setup.

I recommend the BMP but the promoto billet unit looks nice too.


Steve T

I have the BMP silencer on mine also, although I can only get 11 discs in or else the exhaust deflector won't fit. Runs great, I like the fit of the stock pipe over any aftermarket pipe. I have had a FMF Powercore 4 (loud)and a FMF Q series(too quiet, poor seal), both good pipes but I like the adjustability of the BMP with discs. I had to do a mod to mine to fit also, 10 minutes with a dremel tool did the trick. The Pro Billet unit came out after I bought my BMP or I would have definitely considered it also, it's very nice also.


Hey Moe, (nyuk nyuk)

I have an FMF MegamaxII with S/A and an optional quietcore insert. It is in excellent shape. It was on my street legal 99 400F. The F is long gone but the pipe still hangs in the garage. It has 12 discs, a new aluminum seal bushing and a deflector to save the fender.

I'm on a 250F now.

I'd ship it to your door for 100 frogpelts.


I just got the Pro-Moto Billet arrestor, Fit's just like your stock

end cap. Highest quality I've seen.

Yes it's more but well worth it!

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