07 WR450 mods ride report and comparison

Just finished modding my WR450F and went for a ride with a friend. Installed Stage 1 Hotcams along with a pro circuit head pipe and Lexx MXE slip-on with YZ jetting from the JD jetting kit. Before mods bike felt powerful but really tame when compared to my friends KTM 525 SX Racing.

My last bike that i had was a TTR250 that i dual sported and managed to rack up 40000 trouble free Kilometers. The WR was a massive improvement over the TTR but just didn't feel like it was what i was looking for. The bike was really smooth riding while going through the power curve and was a great trail bike. After trying my friends KTM i realized that is what i was looking for a hard hitting hang on for the ride type power.

I decided to mod the bike and the first thing i noticed it revved alot freer and felt more responsive. When riding with the KTM now the 525sx still has a slight power advantage over me but i think that could be fixed with a gearing change. On top end i have about a 5-10 mph advantage over the KTM so by installing a 12T front sprocket will allow my bike to top out at about the same speed and give me the slight power advantage.

Recommend anyone to install a set of cams and exhaust to bring the power up on the bike. Next mods that i will do may be suspension but the bike feels good to me now for my 6'2" 185lbs frame.

How is starting the motor, just as easy as before (heard cam reports of hard starting)?

The bike starts easier with the E-start but seems a little harder with the kick start. Can't really fully judge though since the temperatures are below 50 degrees here.

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