yz426f 5th gear problems

First of all i would like to say a big hello to everyone!:banghead:

Im new here & have done a search on this problem which seems to be very common! :cheers:

But i would like to describe my symptoms before i go ahead with splitting my cases.

My bike is great through gears 1st to 4th no probs but in 5th the gear seems to stay in but every 2 seconds ish the bike snatches only when i have the power down? but is fine in 5th if im just cruising about 1/4 throttle. Does this sound like a faulty transmission or something far simpler?

Any help or advice will be greatly recieved.

Worn lugs on the 5th and third gear pinions, and a bent shift fork. Time to split the cases.

Thanks for the speedy reply.:banghead: & at least now i have some idea of the parts that need changing.

Thanks again buddy, time to get my hands dirty!!:cheers:

my mate has an 01 426 and had problems with his transmission and 5th the bloke at the local shop said its common with the 426

4th gear in my 426 did the same thing...

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