Looking for case replacement suggestions, 07 WR450

Was doing a line up a dune and got sucked into a rather beefy rock this weekend. Luckily sand is soft for me, but rocks are hard. Took a good gouge out of the stock skid and chewed up my case. I'm already sold on the scorpion skid as an upgrade but I'd like to know what a good replacement is for the cover. Any suggestions?case.jpg?t=1259530810

bump for the after dinner crowd...

Seriously?? No one has busted a case?? Wow, you guys are way better riders than me HaHa

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didn't want to over bump

I'll chime in even though I have never done it. Pretty sure you have to replace in pairs. New will likley provide plenty of sticker shock. Perhaps look in usual places for good used set.

How's that?

Is the actual case damaged, or just the right side cover (holding the water pump assembly)? If it's just the cover, try TT store for discounted pricing. South Seattle Sports Plaza has competitive $ too. If it's the case and not just the cover, then I agree with mgouras.....

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