my 2010

well just got back the other day from 7 days in ocotillo wells. it was a great trip. loved getting that much seat time right after gettin this bike. and having the suspension fully done and tested by racetech a day before i left. the bike will be going down to let them finish testing and so i can get some more goodies from them. they put on the extra large blatter on the back and gold valves all around on comp and reb. front rear pretty much everything they offer. the first day out there was pretty much set up and party/relax. 2nd day was the real riding and right when we started i forgot the tires where at 12.5 from the track and got a flat in a rock flat high speed corner and washed out bent my levers and rad. after that i rode back and straightened everything out. oh yea thanks to my pro taper throttle tube for being on or id be buying a new one. and the rest of the trip was cool until our last ride on friday we where over on the other side of the s22 and we where in the jeep haven area riding the tight burns back there and my buddy rob didnt know i was gonna make the move to pass him and he went up high to square up this sandy up hill burm and we hit each other about mid of 3rd. it was some funny ****. all these jeepers where laughing at us. i cant say enough how much i love this new bike. rad braces are going on asap. it like to tweak them back when you fall and i think im gonnaweld the end tanks to the cores that stiffens them up alittle. all my buddys are racers or x racers and they are all impressed aswell. will post up pics. dont have any of the jumps buddy lost the cam on the ride home. so if anyone was out in oc last week and found a cam hit me up.and about the starting i got it down too one clean out med kick to a full slow med and shes goin.

well dont have the picks of the whole bike yet its still at racetech but heres some teasers.





The shock looks awesome. be keen to try those mods myself soon.

yea havent got to ride it since ther still testing but i get it next week and the best part it was all free.

Is that a complete new shock body that I see?That thing looks awesome.Hydraulic preload adjuster also?

its a whole new shock period. its the first one theyve done for a bike.

so wha kind of riding do u mostly do on your new 450?>

alot of track. and alot of des. i try to hit the track once everyother week atleast and the desert once or twice a month but when i got to the des its for atleast 4 days. i just havent had this one long enough to ride it alot keep lettin AJ at racetech take it to do more testing. but thats fine free ish is always cool by me and i still have my 06 to ride cause no one will buy it lol.

Looks good! Racetech makes the best springs IMO.

looks like they copied the german xtrig preload adjuster?

Is it any longer/shorter than the stock one?Just seeing if theres any need for a whole new shock on it.

There is if you're in the business of selling shocks. :banghead:

yea i dont know. i didnt pay for it so ill take it for free. and check out drd website there rad lowering kit is now suppose to work on the 2010 wonder how it feels?

...check out drd website there rad lowering kit is now suppose to work on the 2010...
That was one of the first things that crossed my mind: the lowering kit will work with any exhaust! :banghead:

yea im gonna try and get one for free and try it out now.

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