Winter Maintenance

I am getting my YZ400F ready for cold weather riding after blasting around the Desert all summer. I plan to go over the bike front to back and just make sure everything is up to snuff. Does the engine require anything other than an oil/filter and a valve lash check? Cam chain or anything else require checking? I just want to give it a real good once-over.

Be sure you are using a temperature-appropriate grade of oil.

When was the last cam chain you installed in it?

I have never changed the cam chain and I've owned it probably 3yrs. It's interesting you mentioned the cam chain. I was just searching the forum for "engine noise" because I hear lots of noise when it's cranked up.

Be sure you are using a temperature-appropriate grade of oil.

Is there any special oil for colder riding? 10W-50, 15W-40 or similar is what I've used last 2 years in winter at didn't have any problems...

There's a temp chart in the manual. 15-20w-* oils are good down to 5℃ (40℉), while 10w-* oils are OK down to -10℃ (14℉). Colder than that you should be running a 5w or 0w oil. You certainly don't need a *w-50 wt when the weather is cooler than 80 degrees.

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