question for 09 owners

On the adjustable bar mounts, is there enough room to put a 10mm or so spacer under the mounts to raise the bars up? I assume the mount has a stud made into it correct?

Caution, not a very good idea. I would avoid that if I were you since you'll be messing with torque in some areas (controls) that might be hazerdous. Why not just get a different bend of bar? I'd sure feel safer doing that.

How much of the stud is exposed below the mounting nut? I'd say that you are okay to put a spacer in there as long as the nut is still able to be fully threaded onto the stud.

How much of the stud is exposed below the mounting nut? I'd say that you are okay to put a spacer in there as long as the nut is still able to be fully threaded onto the stud.
Look at your '08. It should be similar, and as I recall, unless the '09 studs are somewhat longer, there won't be nearly enough. As you point out, there would need to be one full thread beyond the nut.

The stock bars only rise about 75-77mm. The Windham bend rises 99mm, and my 6'5" son is happy with his. Then again, I run the same bend, and I'm 5'10", so if you want something still taller, try the KX High at 108mm.

The advantage of these bars over risers includes not only the structural issue raised earlier, but also, taller bars are usually bent so the grips are moved forward as well as up, sinc taller people have longer arms. That's one of the great things about the Windham bend, IMO.

Thanks Grey. I am interested in the windham bar(isnt it the same as a rental crf bend or rc renthal) and was unclear of the rise on the stock yz bars. I do not have the new bike yet. The only info I could find was on renthal fat bars and it says the 07-09 yz450 bend has 105mm rise. That is why I was concerned but if you say it is only 70-80 then the windham will do fine. I rode a yz the other day and the bars were really low to me, other than that and a needing a little more power I liked it.

isnt (the Windham) the same as a renthal crf bend or rc renthal...?
No. Renthal's web site is difficult to use because it confuses the question of rise and height. IMO, the correct way to measure bars is to measure from the center of the clamped section to the center of the grip section with the bars positioned so that the grip section lays parallel with the ground. An easy way to do this with the bars off the bike is to turn the bars upside down on a bench, hold the grips flat against the surface, and measure up to the clamp section.

Renthal lists rise as being separate from the height. If you look, you'll see that they show rise as 'C', measuring the height from the clamp section to the upper bend, and height as 'B', to the bar end. Since these two dimensions differ, it obviously means that they measure them with the bars rotated at some other, undisclosed angle. Since this angle is not disclosed, and there is no way of what angle of sweep back the rising section must be placed at to lay the grip section flat, you have no way to know how high the grip section actually is.

A dimension that is never listed that I believe should be is how far behind the clamped section the bar ends are with the grips in the horizontal plane, as it makes a big difference to the overall feel of the bend.

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