Bar Risers for '09 YZ450...

Okay, my '09 came stock with Pro Taper bars and the 4-way adjustable bar clamps. I need to raise my bars, but I'm looking around for the proper risers and finding them difficult to find. Many of the risers out there are also for stepping up from 7/8" bars to 1 1/8" bars. I'm already at 1-1/8 clamps/ I need risers FOR the 1-1/8" clamps TO 1-1/8" bars.

The Tusk units don't have enough of a description spelled out to tell me if they're what I need. The picture looks like their 1-1/8" to 1-1/8"...but I want to be sure before ordering.

Any input...thanks...

Why not just get a taller bar?

Looking to raise the bars at least an inch...more if possible. Might just go ahead and get the Renthal Fat Bars - RC High Bend. 31.57 W x 4.49 H x 2.13.

I think my stock bars are the Pro-Taper Contour with dimensions of 31.5 W x 3.31 H x 2.00...can anyone confirm the measurements on the stockers (2009 YZ450F)? If this is the case, it'll get me up almost 1.2 inches. Still might need some risers after that (I'm 6'4" with only a 32" inseam...all trunk and long arms!) but I'm heading in the right direction...

Just an idea, maybe you should look at a Scotts stabiliazer setup. I went under teh bars and it gives you about an inch. I had to replace my bars to get a lower bend. You get your raised bar this way, and get the scotts, which is one of my top two mods ever.

I got the Renthal Fatbars..RC High...which gave me about 1.3" of elevation. Rode on them this weekend at an awesome track down here in central florida. Night and day awesome!

I'm 6'2" and am running Pro Taper KX Highs they have a height of 109mm. I run the front hole on the tripple clamp. This set up gives the bike a bigger feel. Also look at the sweep of the bars, less is better for big guys.

Id try the one piece bar mounts from RIDE eng. they are taller than stock and you can get spacers to raise your bar hight.They are rubber mounted and will work with your stock top clamp.I have them and love em.

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