Fork oil level

Changing the springs and the oil in my forks and want to know what is the easiest, and most accurate method to measure the correct amount of oil into each leg.

THANKS in advance,


I measure the oil height with a small ruler that has very small graduations on it. I add and remove the oil to specs using a turkey baster. The fork has to be compressed in all the way. Follow your manual. It goes through all the steps.

Hope this helps


Nick- I just finished changing my fork oil and I read somewhere on here to use the sprayer out of something like a windex bottle, I tried it and it worked great. I hadn't thought about using a turkey baster but that might be even better. I put some tape around it to the measurement I wanted and held it there while I squirted out the excess. Something else, I weigh about 210 ready to ride and I was bottoming a bit more than I wanted, so I raised the level in mine to 100mm. After a few races I've found that it never bottoms now so next time I think I'll go to 110mm (if I remember right stock is 130mm, with the range something like 85-150mm). The oil needed changing too since lots of crud came out on the first change...


Make sure not to exceed the recomended amount of oil in your forks as your valves will wear prematurely.


Using a ruler is a little tough but it works. Mike's idea is a great one. I use a MityVac pump with a slider on a hollow rod, which sucks the excess oil into the catch container. Adjustments can also be made without removing the spring simply by removing or adding similar volumes from each tube. This works great for making quick changes at the track.

And make sure not to pour oil into the plastic spring holder (it stays there until you ride) and always top out the outer tube at least once before checking the oil (this removes the oil between the fork walls).

Hope that helps.

Thanks for all of the words of wisdom ! I'll work on the forks tonight and let you know how they turned out :)

THANKS again !


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