Easiest lighting stator?

I want to add a light to my 06 450. All I want is an HID light, for some moderate night riding in the desert and dunes. Nothing over 50mph. I'd also like to run my Trailtech Vapor.

Is a 50W stator enough for that? Is there a bigger one?

I was thinking of a light like this https://www.bajadesigns.com/NET/P-600105WT/Headlight%2c+Diablo+Hid%2c+White%2c+Electric+Start

I dont want to get WR parts and all that. Too much money.

The moose stators, have they gotten better? Are they really that bad?

Who makes a good stator?

Or am I better off putting some batteries in the airbox and running that way?

you can run your trailtech vapor off the stock yz ignition system - it only draws like 1/1000 of a watt or something REALLY small. email trailtech and they'llshow you where to splice in the power leads.

only stator to even try right now is the Pro Racing one. 2 guys on here are running it - so far with no problems. Do NOT get the Moose or Electrosport units - total pieces of crap. 50 watts is all you're ever gonna get from a stator for the YZ (06-09) cause the flywheel is so small in diameter it limits the windngs.

As long as that light is only a 35 watt draw, it will be fine - remember 50 watts output is only at hailf to full throttle, which for street riding is not a huge percentage of the time.

you could run a trail tech 6mah battery only with no stator - it should power a 35 watt headlight and 1 watt LED tail light for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Link for the pro racng stator??

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