break in oil change

Anyone know/recommend when to change the oil the first time?

Manual says after break-in, but I can't seem to find any hard number for it.

I asked the same question when I first got my 450. The general consensus seemed to be to change it immediately so that you know you 've got some nice fresh, high quality oil in it. While you're at it, check out zip-ty racing's website. They sell some pretty trick looking drainplugs that replace the oem stuff. :)

Break-in according to the manual (which I feel is best) should last about an hour of 1/4 to 1/2 throttle riding (varying your speed, gears and rpm’s). Changing oil right after that and rechecking bolts/nuts should get one set to rip.

It was recommended to me by a close friend who has owned many bikes to change oil frequently after break-in to see what you are getting in your oil. Then once you know how the bike is responding wear-wise, you can increase the interval at which you change (within reason of course).

Oil changes on the WR450 are cheap insurance that the small amount of oil that it carries is clean and contaminant free. I am not worried about the oil breaking down, it doesn't see nearly enough miles to come close to that.

A few oil changes on petroleum based oil is a good idea before switching to synthetic. All moving parts need to wear together and petroleum based oil aids in that process.

Along with the oil change goes the filter change, the valve adjustment and even the fork oil change after break in, sure seems like a short running time. My manual calls for Suspension oil "01" (fork oil) what is a suitable equivalent? Anyone found any aftermarket oil filters? :D How about carb jets, my local dealer parts guy cant figure out what I mean by pilot air jet, wait till I hit him up for a start jet. :)

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