03 YZ450F For sale. How much??

I am looking to sell an 03 YZ450F. It can be seen on pages 154-160 of the Feb 03 Racer X. The bike is like new,never raced. It is 100% stock but comes with brand new(still in bags)GYT-R pipe,GYT-R silencer,GYT-R triple clamps. How much should I get for it??? Thanks.

The last two used 450's on TT in Ca sold for 5100(Dave) and 5200(Joe Jet). That was a while back and the market seems pretty soft...new bikes are being discounted pretty heavy. We're also starting to get close to '04's. New '03's in Ca are around $5600 + tax.

I'd sell the parts separately here on TT, so you can put the lowest price you can on the bike. FWIW :)

What's the deal with it being in Racer X? I'm looking at the pics now with Doug Henry. That's pretty cool. Are you friends with Henry or is that you in the photos with him? I don't mean to ask alot of questions, just curious.

Thanks. You may be right about selling the parts. There may be more GYT-R parts also. I will put together a list and post them on this site. Doug plans to ride a two-stroke for Southwick, so this bike is for sale.

So what you are saying is this is or was DOug Henry's race bike and you are ???

1: His Mechanic

2: pretending to be DH mechanic to short shift a sell

Just asking, sounds a little fishy to me but I have had way to much coffee this morning and feel paranoid. My point would be if this was setup for DH or whatever, seems ot me there would be a inner circle of people to sell to.

Kinda like Selling Chris Carrs last years VOR here...

I've seen this guy around on another board, from what I can tell he is ligit. Of course you never know because it's the internet, but I've seen some proof of where he gets the bikes, i.e. DH.

MUST SELL! BIKE TOO FAST FOR OUT-OF-SHAPE OWNER!! Kidding....This bike is not being sold as anything special. It is a stocker that was un-crated and used for the photo's. He did ride it one day after that, so it is used. The owner of the bike only races once a year,and doesn't plan to use this bike that day. Any interest please e-mail Txtel16@aol.com

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