98yz400f neutral switch(sensor)

hi to all.

will the neutral switch from a 2002 yz250f fit my 98 model yz400f?

the part number from the 02 is 5SF-82540-00-00........and the part number from the 98 is 5BE-82540-00-00......they look 100% identical and the 02 models is alot cheaper.am i wrong in assuming that the first 3 letters only represents the actual model of the bike and the parts are the same?

any help on this is warmly welcomed.thankyou.

Try it and see, then come back and let us know.

hi to all.in reply to my last post YES the neutral sensor switch from the 02 yz250f does fit the 98 model yz400f,but as i still cant start my bike because of a timing issue i cant say if it works or not.

hi bike runs now so yes it did work.yay!!

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