wheelies in 5th gear

I have a hard time bring the front tire up in 2nd. What is up with that? Some post claim too pull it up in 5th. What power you must have!Im I doing somthing wrong. tell me how :)

Sit back, or stand up, rev it higher, and dump the clutch :)

Ain't that a killer on the clutch and gears? :confused:sorry I am new at this :):D

It wont hurt nothing. :)

cool :cool:THANKS :)


If you are having problems pulling the front wheel in 2nd, something is wrong. My WR450 will pull the front wheel in 3rd just by rolling the throttle.


i can pull the front end up in any gear . i just can't keep the front end up long enough to mount to anything.

Just give it more throttle. I was quite a chicken for a while until I grew a pair and gave it more throttle. Now I can bring up the front in 1-3 no clutch but have not yet gotten to 4th and 5th. I am still to chicken to try and ride the wheelie for any amount of time for fear of looping out but with a little practice and a little more guts, who knows.

So how do you actually stay vertical ? Even on my meagre wheelies I end up drifting left or right uncontrollably!

So how do you actually stay vertical ? Even on my meagre wheelies I end up drifting left or right uncontrollably!

I use a balaceing pole like the tight-wire walkers do in the circus. :):D


Ya gotta be straight and upright before you pull. If you are leaning to one side when the front wheel comes up, you will fall off. Typically, I am like the rest of the chickens here. In order to ride a proper wheelie, you have to pull the wheel high enough that you are "balanced" on the rear wheel. I usually don't pull it that high, rather I rely on accelleration to keep the wheel up. Therefore, I can ride on the rear wheel just until the engine tachs out, then it has to come down. I'd love to be able to ride one of those infinite wheelies, but I gotta go to work on Monday morning!!


If you are having problems getting the front end up, there must be something wrong with your bike.

I have 02 wr426 and i sit up close to the tank and i cant keep the front end down and in fifth gear when i crank it wide open it will still pull the front up when it hooks up!

You dont need to pop the clutch if i did that i would be flat on my as%

Have you done any mods to your bike yet like the throttle mod?

While I was going down the freeway one day, a guy on his crotch rocket pulled up next to me and compresed his suspension buy just jumping on his pegs and when the bike was coming back up he gunned it and the front end popped straight up. So I tried it the next weekend and it works. No clutch, nothing. Just give it a hand full of throttle as the front end rebounds. I can do them 5th gear pinned. I did one at Rocky Point, Mexico from the Reef to some paved road which was a little more than a mile. There is nothing better feeling than passing cars and trucks while doing a wheelie and looking at them at the same time. Try it standing up. It looks a lot better and its easier to balance because the front end isn't so high. The only problem is finding a stretch long enough now. I gotten to the point where I can make turns while wheeling too.

I can pull 4th gear wheelies even at this altitude. I can ride one pretty far and shift from 4th to 5th. My buddy can pull up and ride for a good 1/2-3/4 mile on his XR650R. When he sets down on pavement, the front tire throws up a cloud of white smoke because he's going so much faster, it looks pretty sweet.

You need to find the balancing point to stay vertical. When you start drifting side to side, turn the handlebars/front wheel and it will change the direction of your wheelie. Your front wheel acts like a gyroscope and allows you to correct your direction. If you ride far enough that the front wheel stops, you lose a lot of the ability to steer while on the back tire. :)

I've got a 99WR400F, see mods below. I have no trouble at all pulling wheelies in 2nd and 3rd by simply grabbing a hand full of throttle. Something must be wrong with your bike, or your rear tire is simple not hooking up. I can sit ass flat on the seat, be 1/4 throttle in 2nd or 3rd (not winding out the tach range) gas it, and be verticle. :)

on my wr 450 i can go from second to fifth in a wheelie it takes the right timing to shift gears in a wheelie. On a flat surface i can go around a mile. But its hard on your front tire when your on pavement and set it down at 80 miles an hour. :)

:D:) to all of you I'm to chicken to do anything but 1st and 2nd power wheelies w/ very little distance. :D But on the other hand if I get hurt I could be out of work for 6 months or more.

My wheelies are just long enough to rise over a log, rock, root(s) or stream and when there is great traction pulling out of a corner. You couldn't stick a needle in my ass :) it would be puckered so tight if I rode a 5th gear wheelie.


Believe it or not, if you get the front up in 4th or 5th , its actually easier to hold it there than 1st or 2nd. The gears are longer so there is less chance of looping it because the position of the wheelie wont be so sensitive to throttle response. I learned that from doing wheelies on my gixxer :D. 3rd gear wheelie on the gixxer is about 120mph. :)

How much do you weight ? :)


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