wheelies in 5th gear

This weekend I believe I rode the longest wheelie of my life, I would guess somewhere between 1/2 mile and 3/4 of a mile. Fourth gear works best for throttle control for actually getting the front end up and to stay up... However fifth gear is where throttle control is less crucial (s?). For me standing up is easier because it adds more leverage to the back of the bike and you can balance the bike easier. If you have a bike that is "YZ" timed you'll have a thougher time with staying up as the throttle is soooo touchy it's hard to stay still.. For those trying to wheelie just remember to practice and practice getting the bike up over and over, I would suggest fourth gear....

Dan :)

I'm to chicken to do anything but 1st and 2nd power wheelies

Use either of your first 2 gears at low speed to bring the front end up to the point of where you feel it almost going over backwards, while covering your rear brake, chop the throttle and let it come back down, rear braking if necessary. After multiple tries in a low gear move up to third or fourth and find that sweet spot again. You'll be shocked how much easier to control it is at speed.

My WR's will lift the front ends in fourth with nothing more than a handful of throttle and a little tug on the bars.

Good Luck!

BTW, never think about getting hurt and ending up out of work. Ride to the limits of your ability as often as possible and you'll become a better rider as you become more accustomed as to how your bike, and you, will react to obstacles and situations that present theirselves to you at higher speeds than you may normally ride.

I just have to respond to this one. I mentioned the "balance point" in a older post. I was riding a CR125 and balance wheelies were a problem. Now I'm on the blue beast and street legal. After arriving at work this morning an officer pulled up shortly after me saying "This your bike?" Pulled out the wallet with reg & ins. ready for my ticket. He said they recieved calls complaining of my wheelies around town & had I been committing this horrible crime. I said "the front end might have come up a time or two", he smiled (I think) and said to cut it out. Anyway , I slip the clutch, bring the R's up(2nd, 3rd or 4th) and lift the front end to balance and control with throtle. this bike will carry it forever. You guys that can lift in 5th with throttle only got a stronger motor than mine. Its big fun anyway you look at it. BE CAREFUL while practicing.

Yep wheelies are real good fun,just remember to cover the rear brake(not every one finds this easy at first)but it is worth trying to learn,i find it best to pick it up in 2nd and work through the box from there(no big handfulls of throttle,be gentle or it will flip)no need to use the clutch going up the gears,just be smooth it will come,practice on firm ground is best for feel,and if you do find yourself going over the back never try to run after it!(it will be going faster than you can run),just trail your feet on the deck hold on till the bike starts coming down then let yourself slip of the back.It takes alot of practice but when you start to get the hang of it it`s great fun. :)

if you've never pulled wheelies, practice on a bicycle first, a lot less painfull and expensive when discorvering the sweet spot.. sometimes it takes going that bit too far to realise how stable the sweet spot can be.. (I can still picture my bike going off down the road without me, it managed to right itself by bouncing of the tailight and then happily careered into some parked cars, after chasing 2 poor pedestrians along the pavement.. I can laugh now :D ) I loved that old Suzuki ts250.. it didnt love me tho.. :)

Thanks for all the replies. Some might be kinda out there. But thats cool, enjoyed them all. Tring it out this weekend,wish me luck :)

If you drift left or right, you may be just going too slow. At times, if I'm not square when it stands up, I just hang my leg out on the side I want to go. I have a 01 KDX-220 that stands up in 1 to 3rd by just rolling the throttle and will stand up in 4th with a little tug on the bars is all and my KDX is all choked up with the snorkel still in place, stock exhaust etc. If your rusty at wheeling, practice in lower gears, and uphills. First gears is usually too slow, you will tilt left and right, but its actualy a good place to get the balance down and if you go too far, its slow enough anyway, no one gets hurt. Find a wide smooth road with an uphill climb, the uphill will keep the bike from generating too much speed so the wheelie will last longer, otherwise, you'll need to tap the next gear. Dont tap it in flight drop it down, shift and stand er back up, shifting while wheeling is better done later with more practice. It takes some time to get the feel, keep your right toe close to the brake just in case your going to go over, in fact, stand it up and then tap the brake, get used to this, if your not, when its goes over, you wont have the quick reaction to save it. After a while a combo of throttle and brake can keep you wheeling for a long time. I dont use brake at all, my wheelies are pure throttle only, brake only in emergencies. I have the feel of my bike down. Soon, you will become one with the bike and a wheelie wont even require thought. Also a tap of the front brake will bring you down at times too, stepping on the rear brake will do it for sure. I ride with a large crowd, me and one other out of about 25 of us are the wheeliers in the crowd. They actually enjoy watching us, in fact, they look forward to it. I dont do really anything else crazy, as you can see by my username, I cant afford to break any bones. :)

Cool :) Toyota dude.Sounds like you have alot of fun riding with the group. I own a Toyota. :D

You mean to tell me there are FIVE gears on this thing? :)


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