A YZ trade for a WR

I have an 08 YZ setup for woods and with a few minor changes it becomes a desert race bike. I orginally got this YZ to race in the desert but I shattered my wrist and won't be racing for a while. :banghead:

I'm looking for a trade.... My YZ for an aluminum frame WR. My YZ has 20hrs on it and is in great shape. It has handguards, heavy flywheel, stabilizer, skid plate, and the suspension valved among some other little stuff.

With a trade I presume I would need to offset the cost difference and I'm ok with that. I would also like to take the forks and shock from my YZ and put them on the WR.

I ask in the WR section to see if there is even a market for a trade or should I just buy a WR and swap what I want from the YZ to the WR and then sell the YZ. I have craigslisted this proposition with no interests. Thoughts?

Swapping the suspension is going to deter a lot of potential partners, I would think. The stock WR suspension on a WR isn't bad, but put it on a YZ and ride a YZ for what a YZ was made to do and it'll be grossly disappointing.

I would think you'd be money ahead just getting the WR suspension re-worked for your tastes, and let the YZ go as a YZ should....fully mx suspended.

Yep, many, many WR riders would want that sweet YZF suspension.

agreed, if i wanted to swop for a YZ the main reason would be the Susp

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